Best MTB Gloves

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Best MTB Gloves

Our selection of the best MTB gloves.

Endura Full Monty Glove – £18.99

Endura Full Monty Glove – £18.99, Not the thinest glove, but not the thickest either – making the Endura Full Monty perfect for cold and wet autumn and winter trail rides. The palms carry a small amount of gel padding which is great for comfort, although some riders might prefer a more ‘direct’ feel with there bars. At £18.99 the Endura glove is great value and a top buy for longer and colder rides and all round bike riding. They look great too – available in 3 colours.

Troylee XC Gloves

Troylee Designs XC MTB Gloves – £22.99. An absolute classic and one of the best mountain bike gloves ever made. Dont be fooled by the product name, although great for XC and general riding, these gloves have and still do adorne many a pro downhillers hands. They provide little or no padding which give an unmatched bar contact feel whilst providing the hand with a reasonable amount of protection and warmth. They can be used all year depending on how cold your hands get. A fantastic do everything mtb glove. Infact great off the bike too – have seen many mechanics working with these thin and nimble offerings from troylee. Good value at only £22.99

Oakley Automatic Gloves – £22.99

Great style gloves from action sport powerhouse Oakley. The MTB specific Automatic gloves are available for £22.99, offer a reasonable amount of padding and protection and should last through a full season with Oakleys renowned product quality. Stylish gloves suited to full on gravity riding but can also lend a hand to all mountain duties too. Great choice of colours too! Best price £22.99 at CRC

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