Howies Clothing

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Howies Clothing
Classic Timeless Howies Tee – £25

Howies are a UK brand who should need no introduction. They started well before the very first issue of Dirt Magazine, when everyone rode a hardtail, people read MBUK, raced at Peebles and Steve Peat was a young lad and raced a Saracen.
They are synonymous with the Mountain Bike scene.

Dont be put off – Howies may seem all hypster but they are dirt and roots underneath the hype

Howies had a bit of a layback in the past few years and in the opinions of a lot of people they forgot their roots in cycling. They were subject to a buyout by a multinational group responsable for brands such as Timberland. They went a little bit mainstream, cut their involvement in cycling and focused on trying to sell to yuppie bankers and trustafarian city folk.
Well for 2012 they are back with a bang. Split from the Timberland group, Howies are now owned by proper outdoorsy types again and more focused on their roots.

The clothing is all environmentally friendly, earth and rock, fairtrade, money to small folk, peace and love man. Prints have that classic howies style mixing politics with good vibes. Knits are chunky and warm, great for a cold and rainy year in Wales. Technical apparel is rife in the range with merino wools, tech jackets and long lasting ride gear.
The howies jeans are legendary with fantastic quality, stylish cut and washes starting at £75 which is a proper good price for some quality denim.

It will be interesting to see what way the brand progresses in the next few years, we are for sure looking forward to some MTB specific designs.

Check out the new website, read there philosophies and pick up some feel-good, quality threads.

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